A collection of all the podcasts and interviews I’ve done.

Language Flag: us JFrog SpeakEasy at jFokus 2023
Hosted by: Ixchel Ruiz
A casual chat about learning, staying up to date and how I document my sessions and Q&A.
video Conference Interview Learning

Language Flag: us Wicked Good Development Episode 26 - Tom Cools
In this episode, Kadi and guest co-host Theresa Mammarella invite open source contributor, Tom Cools, to share his journey in the world of open source. Sit back and relax as we talk through why he got involved in the community, what his first project was, and best practices to make projects more accessible for new contributors.
audio Open Source Career

Language Flag: us JFrog SpeakEasy at jFokus 2022
Hosted by: Melissa McKay
A casual chat about my Advanced Testing Patterns talk, the role of testing in our industry and some career questions.
video Conference Interview Career

Language Flag: nl Can you do IT? – 06 – Van burn-out naar software architect
Hosted by: Kenzo Dominicus
Een gezellige bijbabbel met collega Kenzo over mijn nieuwe uitdagingen als Software Architect en hoe ik een burnout heb overwonnen.
audio Burnout Career

Language Flag: us DevJourney 182 - Tom Cools and how he fell in love with Jaba
Hosted by: Tim Bourguignon
A chat with Tim on how my career has evolved, moving through a teachers degree and finally ending up with a love for Java.
audio Interview Career