What do you put in your Event Store?

Saving the right kind of byte[]

A colleague of mine recently started exploring Event Sourcing. While his focus is on .NET and mine is on Java, I was more than glad to help him out. I pointed him to Event Store as a great place to start. A couple of hours later he shared a link to his github, proclaiming he “had done it”. The warm feeling you get when helping a colleague discover something new was rising up inside me… until it was taken away again when he dropped the following line on me. [Read More]

Limit yourself: NLP in Java without Cloud Solutions

Can Stanford CoreNLP do enough for us?

With the rise of chatbots and other linguistical applications the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP) has attracted quite some attention. My experience with NLP thus far has consisted of the following steps: Take a String.class Send it over to an online NLP engine (wit.ai, luis.ai or other friends) Get back the intents/entities Use them in a switch(intent) I know many people have a similar experience because it is so damn easy, but it has always bothered me to be dependent on a remote service. [Read More]

The beginning of this blog

“It is not about you… it is about sharing what you know.” I heard these words a lot in the past few days. Which is why this will be the first and last post about me personally. I am currently in San Francisco, taking some time off after Oracle Code One (OCO). OCO is the biggest conference for my favorite programming language (Java). Looking back, the sessions which had the most impact on me had very little to do with code. [Read More]