Learning Through Tinkering

Do you feel that pet projects are a waste of time? Maybe you started on one but then stopped because you didn’t see enough progress? Quite possibly you have no idea where to start? You are not alone!

It’s a shame so many pet project ideas end up abandoned! ”Just for fun” projects can drive you towards greater knowledge, spark creativity and inspire you to become better developers. All of this without a pesky Product Owner or Manager telling you what to do!

In this talk we will look at some of the major hurdles we all face when tinkering on a pet project:

  • Finding Something To Do;
  • Applying what you learned;
  • Avoid Burning Out and Quiting;
  • Getting Your Company on Board;

If you have been struggling to keep your pet project on track, be sure to bring your story! Together we can learn how to make your pet projects a success so you can get the most out of your tinkering!

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Anticipating the fallacies of distributed computing with the Netflix OSS

The Netflix Open Source Software Center is a collection of Open-Source tools and libraries developed by Netflix to help them build the system they need to bring video stream to millions of users worldwide . In this presentation we will have a look at some of these libraries and discover how they solve problems that will occur when splitting your system into hundreds of microservices.

Even if you do not adopt microservices, the OSS-tools discussed in this session can help you to make your software more resilient than it is today.

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